2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse
Prep time
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Amazingly rich guilt free Chocolate Mousse sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, that's heaven in your mouth
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 4
  • 265g (9.35 oz) 70% (extra dark) Chocolate - chopped (I use Callebaut Extra Bitter couverture buttons, that doesn't require choppingt
  • 1 cup (240 ml) water
Optional flavours
  • Maldon Sea Salt Flakes- to sprinkle
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 tablespoon of liquor of choice (Grand Marnier, Cointreau or Tia Maria) - If liquor is added, subtract 1 tablespoon of water from the recipe.
  1. Fill a small mixing bowl with ice and cold water. Place a slightly larger mixing bowl on top of the small bowl, the bottom of the large bowl should touch the ice. 2 Ingredient Mousse under 5 Minutes
  2. Put chocolate and water (also the flavouring) in a medium-sized pan and melt the chocolate over medium heat, stirring occasionally. 2 Ingredient Mousse under 5 Minutes 2 Ingredient Mousse under 5 Minutes
  3. Pour the melted chocolate into the mixing bowl sitting on top of ice and water, and start whisking with a wire whisk (or an electrical hand-held mixer) until it thickens. Once the texture starts to thicken, remove bowl from the ice immediately. When the chocolate reduces in temperature (getting colder), the chocolate will become slightly harden but the texture will still remain silky smooth. Watch the texture as you whip and make sure not to over-whip as it will make the mousse grainy. If the mousse becomes grainy (which is possible at your first try), transfer it back into the pan, reheat until half of it is melted, pour it back to the mixing bowl and whisk again briefly. 2 Ingredient Mousse under 5 Minutes 2 Ingredient Mousse under 5 Minutes
  4. Divide into four serving cups and serve immediately.
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