I believe preparing healthy Asian food is easy and fun.

Serving healthy food does not have to be complicated or involves expensive superfood. You don’t have to be on ‘a diet’ or deprive yourself. AND Healthy food can be delicious.

All you need is simple tweaks to your daily routine.

What others say:

“It’s all simple to make thanks to JustAsDelish. Who says you can’t eat healthy and still enjoy your favourite foods?” – Jes

“When dinner is packed with flavours like this meal, I dont miss carb at all. Thank you for sharing/teaching me how to cook dhal stew/soup. Super delish!” – Evelyn

“Made your recipe with my daughter over the weekend and they disappeared as quickly as I could cook it. Tasted pretty much as I remember it. Thanks for the delicious recipe!” – David

Now, imagine for a moment..

Week after week, you feel more confident in the kitchen and you’re actually enjoying yourself. Preparing food become easier, and you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. Your family enjoys mealtimes together like how it was when you grew up. You feel proud that your family get to eat healthy Asian food and at the same time, you are feeling lighter and more energised. You now have more time and energy to spend with your family.

When you join the JustAsDelish community, you will learn easy Asian recipes and develop routines so that you can have more time for the things you love.

Hi, I’m Shannon!

As a young adult, I was constantly fatigue, low energy and overweight with crazy mood swings. After years of crap food, my body crashed in my early 30s. I needed extra hours of sleep during the day to recover from fatigue. I could not work. I was depressed and desperate for answers.

One after another health issues cropped up, I adapted to the every new curveball that thrown at me with food and lifestyle changes. Finding healing solutions became my life. Nope, it wasn’t at all easy but I never not lost sight of creating quick and simple healthy recipes that are equally tasty. Together with holistic medical practitioners’ protocols, my health significantly improved. Along the journey, I discovered that healthy eating is actually not as hard as I initially thought and superfoods are not all necessary. The sweet bonus – I unexpectedly reached my ideal weight effortlessly.

I have done it, and let me help you get there, too.

I know that homemade meals can be a luxury for busy schedules. We just want simple comforting flavours we grew up with (made healthy) , and quick and easy techniques (Who has the time when we’re dead tired after a long day?). Not buying into quinoa or chia seeds trend, not because we dont like exploring new ingredients, we are just being real.

You are in the right place.

I’m here for you. You can do this, and I want to help you get there.

Shoot me your questions anytime. Celebrate your success in the kitchen with me on Facebook. I can’t wait to get to know you!


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  1. Hi Shannon. I was desperate and frustrated looking for a recipe for my husband (who’s suffering from gout) until I stumbled upon your website. Your Vegetable Soup is sooo delicious!!! My husband and I love it!!!

  2. I did kimchi with your recipe and my children love it but I cannot find the recipe anymore. Is it possible to repost it?

  3. Hi! Today, I just put a link on my blog Wellness Psychiatry (wellnesspsychiatry.blogspot.com) to your Walnut bar recipe! I’m so glad I found your fantastic blog!

  4. Hi
    My name is lopita mery,I’m passion for food and cooking.I would like to join your board please.also I have a blog for food
    My profile on pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/lopitamery/

  5. Hi Shannon,
    Cooked the Jiu Hu Char recipe last night and it turned out delicious. Would like to know if you still hold raw food classes because I would like to attend. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello Madam Low. I’m happy you enjoy the Jiu Hu Char recipe. My raw food classes will be held again in September/October this year, when I’m back in Malaysia. I will keep you updated.

  6. Hi Shannon! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for gluten free recipes! A few members in my family have been discovered to be gluten intolerant . I want to revamp my baking and cooking to be gluten free ( without gum) but am totally new to this!

    Other than your blog, can you please introduce me to some other gluten free blogs that I may learn as much as possible? Hope to be trying out your recipes. Thank you so much.

  7. Your ratatouille was awesome. My wife and kids loved it so did I thank you for this website!!!

  8. Hi….I stumbled on your site as I was searching for Chinese style of chicken stock. Thank you for sharing. I agree totally to eat healthy and enjoy good health.

  9. I have been searching using google but have not been able to find out how much liquid is required to make 25 g of agar strips? Hope someone is able to provide me the answer and thank u in advance.

  10. Interesting

  11. I would like to know whether your juicing books are available at MPH bookstores. Thks

  12. Hi Shannon,
    Im a Malaysian living in Australia at the moment and was craving Penang Achar. Stumbled on your recipe and tried it. Loved it loved it loved it!!!!!!
    My kids loved it too.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Will certainly visit your website for other Malaysian recipes.


  13. Thanks for the variety of recipes! I lived in Penang as an expat for 22 years and miss the food. Your blog helps me connect with great food and a bit of Malaysian culture. Keep it coming!

  14. Dear Shannon,

    Really like your Bak Kwa presentation. Would appreciate if I have the opportunity to learn it from you.

    Best regards.

    • Thank you Anderson. However I dont have any claases to make Bak kwa. Many readers have successfully made the recipe following the instructions posted. Good Luck!

  15. Just subscribed to your mailing list.
    Looking forward to learn more healthy receipes and cooking tips from you!

  16. Subscribed to your mailing list by email, thank you!

  17. morning from UK, Shannon.
    Just came across your blog online while I was on the hunt for Gado Gado recipe. I am Chinese from Singapore (lots of family members scattered in Malaysia and mummy’s old friends in Penang), moved to UK when I married my English husband so I am missing home, missing the familiar (not to mention wonderful, out of this world) foods! I miss Penang laksa…yum. VERY GLAD I found you, a nice friendly face. Really like the way you write too, not pretentious and information forthcoming as we read…its great! Keep these wonderful recipes coming, love your work!

    • Hi T.L, thanks for dropping me a note to say hi, always make my day to get a note from readers. I’m sorry for late reply, as I’ve been swarmped with work. I understand a little what’s it like being away from home and familiar food when I was studying in Australia, so have fun trying out the recipes. You’re not the 1st person to tell me about my un-pretentious writing, never seen it that way, so am slowly learning to embrace this strength 😀 Thank you

  18. Just discovered your blog, like it so much. Tried the Teochew steamed fish and is really tasty & family enjoyed very much. Thanks & looking forward to your recipes.

  19. Hi Shannon,
    Just stumbled on your blog. I’m planning to give it a thorough read through. I have just moved to Kuala Lumpur from Boston, and had the recent experience of standing in the food court of Sogo, and not know what a single food on any of the signs actually was! Tried popiah, and found it to be delicious. I’m hoping to learn as much as I can about the diverse cuisine available here.

    Thank you for your post on spices. I found it particularly helpful. I’m planning to try your pumpkin soup tomorrow. I’m just learning to use my first fuzzylogic rice cooker!

    • Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, Charlotte, and savour the sights, sounds and colours of Malaysia. As long as you’re open to new adventures and flavours, it’s going to be a fun and ‘spicy’ ride 😀 Hope my blog helps.

  20. Hi Shannon, I was looking for some Authentic Recipes and came across your site!;) I love that you have pics of the ingredients so that people can know exactly what to look for when we go to Asian grocery stores, and they are very, very high quality!! Amazing !!;)

    • Hi Tan, I’m glad you enjoyed my site and find it useful. Having access to Asian grocery stores does make a lot of difference in cooking authentic recipes. All the best!

  21. Hi Shannon,
    I was looking for a salted egg recipe and got to your website. Looks pretty easy to make. I also saw the chicken herb soup recipe and really like the picture which showed the different herbs used for the soup. I can speak Chinese but cannot write so you made it easy for me to show the picture when I need to buy the ingredients at the Chinese herb store. I live in Palo Alto and I can go to San Francisco to get all the ingredients.
    I really enjoy reading your recipes and look forward to try some dishes.
    Thank you,

    • err I have to admit I’m quite like you, I can speak chinese and only read & write a few words. The translation of the herb on the photo is done with the help of Google 😀 My good friend just came back from Palo Alto, visiting her cousin. I saw some amazing photos and beautiful produces there.. so jealous 😀 Hope you enjoy my recipes & do give a holler when you try them 🙂

  22. Hi Shannon
    Came across your blog when I was browsing for a recipe for Assam Laksa. Looking forward to cook this tonight.

  23. Nice to meet you! I ran into this while searching for Thomas Keller’s Ratatouille! I’m also a foodie who enjoys trying out new recipes and my husband is also Malaysian Chinese! Apa khabar?

    Look forward to your post and recipes!

  24. Hello Shannon,

    Look forward to trying some of ur recipes I consider myself a foodie also and am always looking for fresh new ideas to try and share thanks!!!;-)

  25. Hi Shannon,
    Came across your blog while looking for easy recipes on Pinterest.
    Thanks for sharing. Will be looking into your website more often! Cheers…….
    Molly. :-))

  26. Message *
    Hi Shannon

    Just discovered your blog while searching for a Mieng Kham recipe . I love the look and the simplicity of the various recipes that you’ve posted. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Simenthra, hearing from my readers always make my day. Hope my blog makes yours too and you enjoy the Mieng Kham recipe. Have a great day!

  27. Hi Shannon,
    I have just subscribed to your blog, stumbled across it via Pinterest looking at different recipes for Gula Melaka.
    I have just spent the last 12 days in Langkawi and KL, I had Gula Melaka everyday, I have always loved it. Goes back to when I was very young and living in Singapore. We had many amazing meals, have been to Malaysia many times, look forward to exploring your interesting blog.

  28. Hello Shannon.. I have just subscribed to your blog although I have been checking your recipes for some time. I own a small cafe in Burnie, Tasmania and one of our most popular dishes over the summer was your grated carrot and beetroot salad. I adjusted the dressing recipe slightly, using sherry vinegar instead of balsamic. Our customers have loved it. I plan to offer your Korean oven cooked drumsticks soon. My husband and I spent some months in Malaysia several years ago and if you have a simple recipe for roti chanai I would love to give it a try. Thanks Diane Bock

    • Hi Diane, sorry for late reply. It’s always inspiring to hear from my readers, it’s just past week has been really crazy. and extremely honoured to have 2 recipes in your cafe. It would be lovely to return to Australia and visit beautiful Tasmania one day.
      As for the roti canai recipe, I have not tried making it because I’m wheat intolerant. I’ve read many good reviews about Poh’s recipe, you can give it a try http://goo.gl/qEDb3R

  29. Shannon, inspired by you, I’ve just created my own little blog which houses all my favourite food websites. I’ve included yours in my list and another char siew recipe from Rasa Malaysia. More will be added along the way 🙂

  30. Just found your blog. Am recovering from muscle myopathy and am trying to get healthier as I go about learning to be as physical as I was before my illness. Will be trying many of your recipes. Have a great day!

    • Hi Annee, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m sorry to hear about your condition, but glad that you are recovering. Hope my blog and recipes is able to help in anyway. If you need more information, drop me a line anytime. Have a great week!

  31. Hi Shannon;

    Your website is truly godsend. I am new to cooking, very new in fact. And I am out of the country of the time. I have had enough of outside food, Nothing beats home cook food.

    And your website comes in handy. Some of the recipe are pretty simple to follow.

    My first try will be claypot chicken rice. I will most likely do without the salted fish and chinese sausage. Kind of difficult to get it here (Indonesia)

    Next on my list will be stir fry broccoli and beef.

    Looking at the pics, simply makes me drool. Yum, yum ..

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Yong, thanks for your comments, really made my day. I can understand how you feel, I already miss homecook food on just a 2-3 day trip. I’m glad I’ve inspired newbie to cook, do update me how it went. It doesnt matter how it turn out, most important is you have tried and nothing beats homecooked food made with love. Cooking is all about practice, and most importantly, have fun 🙂

      • Hi Shannon,

        Thanks for the quick reply. Do you conduct cooking classes for newbies. If yes, how much does it cost, syllabus and upcoming dates? 🙂

        • Hi Yong, I currently have done food preparation classes (cannot be called cooking because some recipes does not require cooking) at people’s houses, they invite their friends. Did not promote this service bcos i dont have a place to conduct classes yet, hope to find one soon

  32. Hi Shannon, just discovered your blog…..Everything looks so delicious! Will definitely try this new culinary adventure….

    • Hi Majmin. Thanks for visiting my blog and glad you enjoy it. Try taking baby steps to this new culinary adventure and don’t get too stressed out about if it didn’t turn out the way you want in the 1st attempt. It’s a continous journey and have fun!

  33. Hi Shannon
    I am just trying your condensed milk recipe..I may have made a boob as my ring on the cooker does not seem to go low enough.
    It cooked in just over an hour..I live in Turkey we do not get condensed milk.
    I am also an IBS sufferer so have to watch my diet.. so am going to have fun trying your recipes

    • Hi Bev, hope your condensed milk turn out ok, you just have to watch the pot and stir more often as bigger fire might cause the milk to boil over.
      I know how difficult it can be sometimes when there’s diet restriction, but I’m so thankful that it has started me on this healthy eating journey.
      Enjoy the other recipes and do update me how they turn out.

  34. Hi Shannon, Just found your blog. Can’t wait to try all your recipes. I’ll let you know how I do. I’m going to take you with me on my journey of healthy eating!

  35. Hi Shannon, liked your recipe so much that I created a link to it in my gluten free dinner post tonight
    Renee Marchol recently posted..Gluten Free Dinner: Asian Food Fusion Faux BimbimbapMy Profile

  36. Hi shanon,,, love your blog… you make me crave in any dish you make… hehehe… Love to eat too… i always describe my self ….”love to eat love food hate waste” … hehehe…my husband is telling me your excuses again,,, LOL… anyways keep up the good work… BEST DAY! 🙂

  37. Like you i’ve recently run into some health issues that has required me to take a look at my diet.Also, i cook alot for my family and want to start them on the path of nutritional awareness.Thanks for the blog seems like a lot of yummy quick, yet nutritious recipes, can’t wait to dig in.

    • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your story with me. Your family is lucky to have you start them on eating healthier. I’m honored to be part of your journey, and hope you can share your tips or recipes on JustAsDelish facebook page, it’s more interactive and can be an inspiration to others too.

  38. Hi Shannon, excellent blog you have! Good to see that you love food and cooking as much. You are getting me hungry with these pictures! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  39. Hi Shannon, long time no see! Great blog…love your healthy cooking tips. Will definitely check out your recipes when I am cooking next.

    • yeah lena, long time no see! thanks for visiting my blog. hope you will try out these recipes and cook more often, I’m sure gareth will appreciate 🙂

  40. Hi,

    Great job.

    You look like Japanese, but I don’t see any recopies from there.
    私は大好きです (Watashi wa daisukidesu) ..


  41. When you come for the video thing, I’ll take some pictures of you. Come prepared…..

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