RASA Pop-Up Dinner


/ˈrʌsəː/taste, flavour, feel, explore, be conscious of (being)

Do you enjoy authentic Asian food but feeling frustrated that it’s difficult to find the real deal in the Netherlands?

I definitely am. I come from Penang island of Malaysia, where it is known as one of places with the best street food in the world. That’s how RASA Pop-up Dinners came about. I want to share authentic Malaysian flavours and culture in my cosy home. Come enjoy a night of Malaysian flavours, good food, exchanging cultures, sharing a table with strangers, and making friends. You will be delighted with rich flavours of Malaysian food that comes from an infusion of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine, and be prepared to be overfed with our Malaysian hospitality.

Note: It is an intimate dinner experience in the comfort of my home, for a max of 6 guests with communal food sharing on the long table.

10 & 11 November 2018 – Typical Malaysian

Roti Jala with Kari Ayam
(Lace pancake with Chicken Potato Curry)

Malaysian Chicken Satay with Kuah Kacang
(Malaysian Skewered Chicken with Peanut Sauce)

Nasi Lemak with Acar, Asam Udang and Kari Ayam
(Coconut-infused Rice with fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, cucumber, spicy chili paste, eggs, Pickled Vegetables, Tamarind Prawns and Chicken Potato Curry)

Sago Gula Melaka
(Sago pearls with coconut milk and coconut palm syrup)

Lemongrass Tea  | Tea & Coffee
The event is BYOB, feel free to bring your favourite drink.
Contribution: €35 per person.

24 & 25 November 2018 – Malaysian Street Food Feast

Or Kuih
(Savoury Taro Rice Cake with dried shrimps, shallots and spring onions)

Char Koay Teow
(Fried Rice Noodles with prawns, chives, bean sprouts and egg)

Curry Laksa
(Coconut curried noodle soup with chicken, shrimps and bean sprouts)

Bubur Pulut Hitam
(Black Glutinous Rice Dessert with Coconut Milk)

Lemongrass herbal drink  | Tea & Coffee

The event is BYOB, feel free to bring your favourite drink.
Contribution: €35 per person

19 &20 January 2019
Menu To Be Announced

Dietary requirements
All ingredients are natural and mostly made from scratch. The meat we cook is free range or grassfed. Eggs used are all free range. Some of the food is spicy as how it is served originally, please inform me if you are not able to handle spicy food. Please note that if you are vegetarian or have dietary requirements, we can cater for most allergies and dietary requirements.

Pendrecht, Rotterdam Zuid (Address will be sent via email after you have booked)

You should arrive at about 18:30, dinner starts at 19:00 and usually ends by 22:00.

It’s OK to cancel, life happens, cancellation 48 hours before the actual day will be refunded. 

Private dining
Private dining on other dates, subject to availability, can be booked for a minimum of 4 people.