The Journey is the Most Fun Part


How much rice do I need for 4 pax?
If I don’t have this ingredient, can the dish work?
Can I use aluminium sheet instead of baking sheet?
My sister was bombarding me with questions about the recipes I posted. And the questions caught me by surprise, because she’s more experience in cooking than me.

Oh yes sweetie, my answer to those questions is “trial & error”. That’s the fun of cooking & let your creative juice flow. Don’t be afraid to try. Oh ya, I have my fair share of burning pots & pans and making inedible food!

Family & friends laugh at me when that happens, and once a male friend (a very good cook) said “How can a woman burn her cooking?” Sulkingly, I answered “Not every human is born with cooking abilities”.. no?

Then I realized if an experienced cook is asking me these questions, how about the newbies?

Remember when you are a child? I remember I like to sing & dance around silly, makes stupid faces, play whole day if I can. Children’s number one focus is always to have fun! They don’t stress about mistakes. They don’t stress about their progress.

Don’t let small hiccups get in your way to trying something new. Cooking like anything else needs practice. Trying to multitask while cooking is a BIG NO NO for me, which i discovered many times. I love learning from friends who are great cooks, attend classes and keep trying.

One of the best way to become a good cook is to learn basic cooking techniques, and you could almost cook any recipes easily. Recipes are great cooking road maps, but one of the joys of cooking is to find your own paths. Knowing these techniques is like taking the car out for a spin in a new location. You’re not sure where you are going to end up, but getting there is the most fun part of the journey.


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