2-Ingredient Banana Pancake


2 Ingredient Banana Pancake (Gluten, Paleo & Dairy Friendly)

This Banana Pancake recipe isn’t exactly a pancake, but it’s shaped like a pancake, eaten like a pancake, just sans the flour in recipe. Yes you heard me. Flourless pancake, just banana and eggs, and taste just as delicious. Whoever created this recipe is a genius.

Now don’t you agree everyone could use less flour in their food intake. Even though I am  intolerant to wheat, I still substitute wheat with other grain flours like rice, buckwheat, millet and sorghum. Whole-kernel grains does conceal an array of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. But when machines pulverize kernels into flour, even whole-grain flour, what’s left behind is a starchy powder capable of wreaking havoc on the body. Foods made with wheat flour are particularly damaging. Carbohydrate in wheat is more easily converted to blood sugar than just about any other carbohydrate. Two slices of bread made with whole-wheat flour raise blood sugar higher than six teaspoons of table sugar and higher than many candy bars. With our busy lifestyle, it’s easy to over consume flour without realizing – breakfast cereal, a sandwich lunch, ice cream cone treat, cookies for tea break, pasta for dinner, cakes for desserts. That’s an easy few servings of refined grain every day.

A conversation with a Singaporean friend Kenneth cropped up a discussion on how to have a solution to substitute wheat flour for busy people who are on the move. Kenneth is always on the move, meeting clients, having discussions, going from one appointment to another. So he’s always grabbing food on the go – biscuits, cookie, buns, breads and anything that have prolonged shelf life (usually processed food). That’s what I used to do when I was having a sales job and busy with my newly setup event business. Until I fell sick and discovered I was wheat intolerant 4 years ago. The biscuits, cookies, buns and breads have been slowly replaced with fresh/dried fruits, nuts, homemade cereal bars, granola and yogurt.

Some would say I am lucky that I have the liberty to choose to work from home and can prepare my own food. Actually I chose my health over work and I’m grateful to be in the position to do that. My health condition ‘forced’ me to change my eating habits and the response from most people is that they usually do not change until they are in pain.

2 Ingredient Banana Pancake (Gluten, Paleo & Dairy Friendly)

“But you can’t expect everyone else to be like you, be a squirrel munching on fruits and nuts,” laments Kenneth. ‘Or have the time to make their own snacks. How about you produce some snacks for busy people? Save their time and effort to go look for it.’

Hmm.. a lightbulb just went off. Can I get some feedback from you readers? Would you pay for healthy snacks delivered to you every week?

While I mull over Kenneth’s idea, why don’t you try this Banana Pancake this weekend? Make a big batch over the weekend and freeze them. Reheat them for weekday breakfast on the go or afternoon tea break. Kenneth gave a thumbs up.

Cook’s Note:
* I always cook by instinct. Once I made them with 2 bananas & 1 egg and posted on instagram, I was asked by a baker for the exact measurement of the ingredients. So I took the exact weight when I made them for this recipe post.
* The trick is to make the pancakes smaller (like pikelets) and pour slowly. Make sure it’s set before you flip it carefully because it is very soft and break easily.
* I like my pancakes warm, learn the neat trick to keep my pancakes warm here.

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2-Ingredient Banana Pancake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast. Snack
Serves: 6 mini pancakes
  • 2 Medium Bananas (about 250g with skin)
  • 1 Large Egg (66g with shell)
  1. Mash bananas with fork until mushy. Add in egg and whisk well.
  2. Heat non-stick pan on medium heat. If using normal pan, grease pan with a little butter or oil.
  3. Use a about ¼ cup (or less) to scoop the batter and slowly pour onto pan. When the pancake is set on and starts to form bubbles on the top layer, gentlly use a spatula (preferly silicon) to loose the bottom and flip over. (Note: Be careful when flipping because the batter is very soft and the pancake might break). Continue with balance of batter.
  4. Serve warm.




  1. Absolutely love this pancake!! I was wondering if you could freeze them though??

  2. So mine turned black after a day. Can you not save the mix?

  3. Just tried and i love it

  4. Nice post–i just made these for the first time and used two eggs and one slightly under ripe banana. The texture was perfect and I had no trouble turning them. Cinnamon made a nice addition. I’m curious– is there a reason you chose to do the opposite proportions?

    • I like the local small or medium bananas in Malaysia, they are tastier, hence 2 medium ones instead of 1 large banana. Furthermore, fruits sizes differ from each country. Our small banana is only the size of an index finger. So using the weight is also a good idea as reference.

  5. Really yummy. ..Try with Cinnamon in ….

  6. I TRIED to make these but, as careful as I tried, couldn’t flip them in one piece.
    They looked terrible (one 3-inch pancake became 4-5 pieces) but tasted good.
    It’s a good thing I didn’t have company for breakfast.
    I would have thrown them into the garbage.

    Then, I added a little flour and was able to flip them.
    I’ll make them again… with a little flour.

  7. wanted to find out about banana pan cake if you fry it with little olive oil or fresh butter? Thanks!
    Can’t rate the recipe at this time but wanted to try it first and taste of course.

    • Don’t need any oil if you are using non-stick pan. You can use either olive oil or butter if you are using a normal pan, it’s up to your preference, of course a little butter makes everything taste better

  8. I don’t make flour pancakes because I wouldn’t feed my family that much unhealthiness on one plate. I also don’t get cereal. They can have pancakes if they eat out as a treat, but not as nourishment. I like to make food from scratch, not use highly preserved and processed foods. I hope this answers your question.
    Monica recently posted..Vegan Broccoli BurgerMy Profile

  9. PS. If they don’t work it’s because you made them too big. This recipe works, believe me.
    Monica recently posted..Easy Wild Rice Salad With Home Made Ranch DressingMy Profile

    • I was so excited to try these but I could not get them to set so I could flip 🙁 tried a non stick pan with a silicone and metal flipper, then tried a non stick griddle with butter, can you give me a tip? I cooked them over medium, like I would any other pancake.

  10. All I can say is Bravo. 10/10. What a delight these were. I never make flour pancakes, but I am totally sold on these sweet treats. Easy to make, always have these ingredients and they take seconds to cook. Thank you thank you.

    • Thank you Monica! Glad these yummy little nuggets worked perfectly for you. You remind me to make some tomorrow.
      P/S: I’m quite curious as to why you’ve never made flour pancakes?

  11. I put in a little thing of coconut Greek yogurt and bit made the batter a little thicker and easier to turn.

  12. I was disappointed that this recipe didn’t work. I wasn’t even able to flip the pancake because the texture was so flimsy 🙁

  13. These taste amazing!!! I just wish I could master the flip with out them falling apart :-(. My banana pancakes look like banana scrambled eggs lol.

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  15. We have two different coffee vans that come to our workplace once each per day. If they sold nutritious snacks such as nuts, fruit, and healthy treats, I think they would sell loads. If it is available people will buy it – and really do want it, but in an environment where time is short people just don’t have time to make good food, far less good treats for themselves. Sooo- they buy them.

    • Why don’t you suggest some ideas to the coffee vans? If there are enough requests for nuts/fruits, they might sell them. It might be difficult for them to stock up if there’s not enough customers. Or you can pre-order, so they don’t have to stock up.

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  19. I finally tried these after seeing the recipe in many places and hearing many rave about them. I wasn’t that crazy about them. The texture was definitely more eggy than pancake like. It was more like a sweet omlet. I couldn’t even get my daughter to try them. They were too sweet to add syrup of anything else, so I ate them plain. Any suggestions to hide the egginess ?

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  21. I am excited to try these tomorrow morning. Have a question…how many pancakes does this make. I want to make this for me and my girls and wanted to know. 🙂 thanks

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  23. Can these be frozen or refridgerated for later?

  24. Topped these with sliced almonds and orange marmalade drizzle. SO so tasty!

  25. This I gotta try!
    Prisqua recently posted..Happy New Year 2014My Profile

  26. I’m definitely going to give this recipe a try. Thanks for posting. Just on the subject of paying for healthy snacks to be delivered to you, there’s a company called Graze.com that does that already, and its a fairly popular service.

  27. Really? Just banana and eggs? Now that very clever of you Shannon. This I have to try!!!
    mjskit recently posted..Seasoned with Spice Infused Onions and a Spice GiveawayMy Profile

  28. I have been making these since last summer, love them!

  29. Clever! I found a recipe that uses coconut flour but this looks better! Will try it soon.
    Kelly recently posted..Wine Talk with Sommelier David StephanMy Profile

  30. Beautiful pictures, they make me so hungry.

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