Passion Fruit Yogurt Parfait


I was choosing some local passion fruits at the fruit stall. One elderly lady came and very quickly piled up her big basket with what looked like 3 kg of passion fruits. My eyes went wide open “Aunty, why you buy so many fruits? to make dessert?” “Oh we eat a lot daily, it’s very good for you” and went on with a long list of benefits – good for the heart, helps constipation, high antioxidant, helps to sleep, etc.

I don’t need much convincing, any food that has high antioxidant level will be on my shopping list. With a big bag of passion fruits, I went searching for recipes and tried out a few. The easiest & ‘yummiest’ recipe for me is Passionfruit Yogurt Parfait. Cut and scoop out the passion fruit pulp, and layer in between plain/vanilla yogurt. No explanation is needed with how much I love yogurt, there’s always have a tub of homemade yogurt in my fridge.

From what I knew, parfait is a cold dessert made of layers of fruits / ice cream / whipped cream / nuts / yogurt. I love parfait for breakfast or snack, especially packed to go in a jar. Layer them with homemade granola, fresh fruits, and homemade yogurt, and I have a nutritious breakfast to go.

Breakfast To Go

After I did some research, parfait is a French word that literally means “perfect”. In France, parfait actually is referred to a traditional frozen dessert made of cream, eggs, and sugar. Good information to know so I don’t feel silly when I order my dessert in France .. one day..

On a side note, you might have noticed that my blog posts has slowed down. I have been going through some rough times past few weeks. Emotional stress have taken its toll on my body, thus reduced in appetite and less cooking. I just need to take time off for what’s more important now – to rebalance the body, mind and soul. Please bear with me, I will be back full swing again.


  1. May I have the menu to do this passion fruit yogurts? tqvm .

  2. Parfait! I love eating passion fruit alone but not really thought of eating with other tasty product like yogurt. Yum! Gotta try it!

  3. Hi Shannon. Hope things are better at your end. Whatever it is, cheer up, I’m here! Haha, kidding. Just know that things could always be worse than it is right now. That’s how I get through my tough periods. For what it’s worth, this parfait IS perfect! So perfect for our awful weather but thank goodness it’s been pouring a little lately to cool things off a it.
    Hope to see you posting again soon. Take care!

    • thank you Ping, you are so sweet! after all the hoohah have subsided, i can ‘see’ & think clearly now.. phew. when my head was totally in the situation, it’s a difficult for me to see beyond that.

  4. This looks great! Simple but very exciting. The presentation definitely adds to the appeal as well. Brava!

  5. That looks yummy! Plus points for the antioxidants.

  6. This looks so pretty, and refreshing! I just noticed passion fruit in the grocery store the other day, so I definitely need to buy some and make your yummy parfait. Enjoy your time off. 🙂

  7. I have passion fruit AND yogurt in my fridge…I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow! This looks gorgeous. And I hope you are well. Sometimes we all need to slow down and take time for ourselves! xoxo

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